A final thought.

This is what I spent last night doing.

Thanks to everyone who allowed me to walk around filming at random times. This was an amazing trip, and this video captures it the best I could. I apologize for the ‘camera shakes’, the wind over there was insane:)

Now, on to Sunday Football!


  1. Great video Cass. Glad you got to visit somewhere that you have always dreamed of going. It’s amazing finally setting feet on different soil, eh? :]

  2. Amazing and very surreal, I’ve barely been back a whole week and I still feel like it might have all been a dream:)

  3. You will always have that feeling. I still do as I revisit my Africa book. Here is a suggestion if I may, get onto Kitz.com and make a hard cover book of all your pictures. There is nothing better than reliving those memories with the ones you love. :)

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