A weird time.

I feel…restless.

It’s possible that I am just one of those people, often restless and searching, and fine to be that way. “Make no mistake, moving is living.” That quote sticks to me, allows me to believe that this is okay, my restlessness. I hardly recognize it anymore, because it such a part of me, and I float along with it allowing the changes and internal conversations with myself. It’s only when someone points it out, tells me that they’ve caught my vibe, that I need to remind myself to chill out.

So many weird things are happening, some I can’t talk about because they aren’t my things, and some I just don’t feel like putting into words. I kind of feel like I am standing perfectly still, eyes peacefully closed, while everything around me swirls and moves and continues on. A weird sort of restless that nobody gets.

hmm. This entry went nowhere. The sun outside is distracting me:)

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