A lot of people dislike Valentine’s Day, and I understand why. There isn’t a lot of point to this holiday, it’s more money spent and for what? To show someone you love just “how much” you love them, when you should be doing that everyday anyway?

However, I happen to love Valentine’s Day. I happen to love having a day that is dedicated to exactly what the world needs more of: Appreciation for others. The people we most often forget and take for granted, our loved ones.

I am guilty of this, SO guilty. I get caught up in work, and silly worries, and I forget to appreciate those close to me. The ones who keep me sane, who love me, and listen to all my small troubles with helpful hearts. It’s nice to have today to remember that, to send cards, to make people smile…to feel loved.

Speaking of, I can finally share that my sister got engaged this weekend! I have been wanting to share this for weeks, as I knew it was coming and have been so excited. Ah, this was a true test of my secret keeping skills. I mean, it was no secret it was going to happen, but the true details of the “when and where” were hard to keep under wraps. Especially from my sleuth of a sister. I’d love to share the video here, but I am still keeping that one close, until she gives me permission anyway:)

What I CAN say is that he quoted Mr. Darcy, and oh boy was that a shock. He is a total keeper after that one.

We are also preparing to head to Montana in five months to see my youngest sister get married. I cannot wait to see her, hug her, and kiss the babies. Her and I have been working on having a good relationship, and her growth has been incredible over the years. I want to acknowledge it, and her, because we are such similar people with the same voice and temperaments. She could be my younger twin, or so I am told, so this trip will mean a lot:) Different lives, but similar people deep down.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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