Hiding & Seeking.

I haven’t written in awhile for various reasons. The biggest one being that I haven’t been inspired lately, the second being that I am on week three of my new job and have been kind of busy.

Yesterday was May Day, and the creeps in Seattle came out of hiding and smashed some windows downtown. I heard more sirens, and more hollering than I usually do, but my block remained untouched. There is one photo floating around the internet that kind of sums it up: a guy smashing in the windows of Niketown…while wearing Nike shoes. Assholes without a cause. Awesome.

Today is Molly’s birthday. The only real mother I have ever known, the only real woman figure I have ever allowed to give me advice. We are fairly different people in almost every way, usually united in our effort to tease my dad, or make fun of people in general. She is nicer than I am, but doesn’t give hugs as freely as I’ve learned to. She is more patient, more tolerant, and dresses much better than I do. She also taught me how to keep a clean house, how to always write Thank You notes, and to genuinely try and be social with people I don’t care for. As a child, I was pretty fixtated on the fact that my own mother didn’t want me, and as an adult, I feel so wonderfully lucky that I had Molly in my life to try and fill that hole. She never had to, and I’m sure at some point she didn’t even want to because of my terrible attitude, but she always tried. I hope she’s having a good birthday with the family tonight.

Imogen Heap just came onto my pandora, and it’s taking me back to another time. Another body, another mindset. I still love this song:

For all the turmoil I felt in and around my life during the time I consumed this song, I still love it. So that’s saying something:) Years 2007, 2008 & 2009 can go to hell.

Happy Wednesday.

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