December 12th: Twelve Twelve Twelve.

Every website and every facebook post is going to be talking about the fact that today is December 12th, 2012. It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s something that will never happen again in our lifetime, considering we don’t have thirteen months and next year is 2013!

Yeah. Woo. Hoo.

My low level of enthusiasm is not going to deter me from joining in on some “twelve’ related action though, and so I present to you: Twelve Things You May or May Not Know About Cassie Jo.

1. Right this second, I am totally rocking out to ‘Everyday Combat’ by Lostprophets. In the nicest way, it makes me want to hit someone, get in my (nonexistent) car and drive like a jerk. It also makes me happy.

2. This was my very first journal/blog entry ever ever in the history of EVER. I took myself way too seriously, and thought I was all “artistic” and “interesting”, while not capitalizing anything on purpose

“suffocation” – 2003-06-06

ah the confusion. the not knowing. is it possible that this feeling is all in my mind? or is it the result of a deeper..hidden meaning i have yet to find?

for some reason i slept for a long time today. i didn’t go to bed last night any later than i normally would. my usual insomnia kept me up for the better part of the night/early morning…but no later than any other night. i was very surprised to discover the time when i woke up. i’d slept away part of my day. ah the story of my life.

Sheeeeeesh. Being a writer is so haaaaaaard.

3. This is never not the funniest thing I have seen all week. The best part is…well, all of it, but I especially like the end when the goat says “sup”. And I can’t stop laughing. I haven’t stopped laughing in days.


4. I am not that tall, but I am extremely embarrassed to wear heels. There aren’t a lot of things that actually make me feel shame, but wearing heels is definitely one of them. And I resent the notion that because I don’t, I am somehow “less” of a woman.

5. I seriously said this sentence to a friend the other night while we were out having drinks, and eating hummus/veggies: “No, I don’t like cucumbers. They are too refreshing.”

6. I love Seattle, but I wish I could live in the heater right now.

7. My three biggest (un)healthy obsessions (in general): The Tudors, boot shopping, finding any and all ways in which to pack a bag and go somewhere.

8. My three biggest pet peeves (in general): Lazy people, rude people, never knowing what to eat for lunch and then forgetting to eat lunch (I do it to myself, but still).

9. I only tease people I like. It’s very childish of me, sure, but if I don’t laugh at you or poke fun of something you have said/did/wore/liked/ate…chances are we are not friends and probably won’t be. The flip side to this is that I don’t like hurting people and their feelings, so it’s always good natured and never meant to actually insult you. Unless I am trying to insult you, and in that case we probably aren’t friends to begin with.

10. I am a picky eater. Sometimes I refuse to eat salad if I know it came out of a bag, some days I am not eating any meat, and other days I might have some chicken (but only after I stick a thermometer in it myself to make sure it’s hot enough). When I do make a salad, I will spend five or ten minutes inspecting the greens and picking out the ones I think are ugly. And that is completely true.

11. This is going to sound terrible, but I love Jewish people. UGH. I know how that sounds, but let me just say that every Jewish person I have ever known has been so hilarious and fun to be around that I can’t NOT generalize the whole community under one big umbrella of Awesome. Besides, I said I LOVE them, and that’s a good thing right?

12. Okay, read this and this, and you have my personality almost completely summed up.

Good day.

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