December 11th: This is when things get weird.

If you didn’t think I was weird before, I can’t promise that you will leave this entry feeling the same way. I don’t actively try to be weird, and it certainly doesn’t always bring me “wanted” attention. If anything, the weirder those looks people give me are when I open my mouth, the more I kind of like myself.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, life’s gonna seem a whole lot longer than you like.”

A good friend of mine sent me a birthday gift yesterday. It was probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever received from a friend, but it also showed me that this person doesn’t think I am a total creep, which I really really appreciate.

Henry VIII

If you know me well enough (and I mean that, because this isn’t something I broadcast), you will know how insanely obsessed I am with the Showtime series The Tudors. Loosely based on the reign of Henry VIII, it stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry, and he alone could be enough to keep my weird love of this show going strong. The series is over now, and has been for a few years, but I have seen every episode at least three times. I loved it, I completely ate it up, and the day I discovered that Comcast took it off OnDemand was one of THE strangest sad moments I have ever had. Yeah yeah, getting this involved with a television series probably isn’t the healthiest obsession, but I could counter that argument with any number of things YOU’RE obsessed with. It’s a great show, it’s interesting, and it just makes me feel…alive.

And here is where it goes from a semi-weird obsession to a full blown weird admission.

I really think Henry VIII and I could have been soulmates.

Before you get all weird and judgemental, let me remind you that I warned you. Also, I don’t really care. In his prime, Henry VIII was an author, composer, educated and extremely charismatic. Yes, he divorced or beheaded most of his wives for various reasons (chief reason being: boredom), but he was also a very passionate man and loved his third wife with everything he had though she later died after giving birth. He was also arrogant, hot tempered and became extremely obese later in life, but none of that matters in my head. A big reason I adore him could very well be that Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrays him so well on the show, and allows me to get involved and feel as though I know him. Actually, I am sure that plays a part, but it doesn’t matter. I love Henry VIII.

Best birthday gift ever.

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