Giving this blog a good scrubbin’.

This morning, I changed my blog URL, and it feels fabulous. Placentapede was very old and misunderstood, and to be fair, I chose that name for an ex-boyfriend because I wanted him to think I was cool and clever.

Oh, the things we do for love.

Everyone on this Bus is Drunk is the perfect name for a few reasons. First, it’s completely true. I use public transit every single day, and everyone always seems to be drunk. It makes for some awkward situations and uncomfortable moments, but that’s life right? Second, it’s the perfect metaphor. The people in my life are nuts, and some of them are ‘normalish’ nuts, while others are ‘horrific’ nuts, but they each make me feel like I am riding on some crazy bus surrounded by odd behaviors and weird smells.

This blog has needed a good scrubbing for quite awhile. Lately the thought of writing has exhausted me before I can even begin, because there is so much I want to say and I can’t. Holding everything in can be exhausting, and I am hoping this new name can give me the freedom to let it all out again.

Starting tomorrow.

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