Rules for Life.

This post is brought to you by The Bloggess and Lauren Filing Jointly, because I obviously have thoughts about life and other things.

Cassie Jo’s Rules for Life

1. If you did not graduate from college, it’s okay. It took me a long time to learn this, and an even longer to not feel like I need to justify it to everyone. Your life goes the way it goes, and not graduating from college doesn’t make you a (stupid) failure.

2. It’s okay to not like everyone. You don’t always need to “look for the best” in people, because sometimes it doesn’t exist.

3. Telling people how you feel might not always work in your favor, but who the hell cares? Be honest, always, because the truth always finds a way to come out in the end.

4. If you don’t honestly love yourself, a lot of people in your life will have a hard time loving you too. Obviously, not your family and closest friends, but finding someone to truly share your life with will be a hard battle. Also, there isn’t a single person, except yourself, in this world that is responsible for your happiness and feelings of self worth.

5. Look before leaping, but only briefly.

6. Put yourself in awkward situations. I promise they will make you appreciate life just a little more.

7. Only apologize when you mean it. In a weird world where we say things we don’t mean all the time, saying something you actually do mean feels amazing.

8. If you’re a girl: Boys never make sense, they think they’re so ‘easy to understand’ but they so are NOT. Learn to be okay with this, if possible. If you’re a boy: Girls never make sense, we think we make it easy enough for you, but we are complex bags of emotions. Learn to be okay with this, if possible.

9. Read more books.

That’s it. I couldn’t think of a tenth rule, so this will have to suffice. 9 Rules for Life.

Happy Friday!

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