December Fifth & Sixth.

Okay, I didn’t have time to write yesterday.


I worked a full eight hours at Starbucks yesterday, and I can officially report that Christmas season is in full swing. It was busy, it pushed me, but it kept me smiling. I got to make up my own songs while I wore a little elf hat, and I got to see customers I haven’t seen in awhile and chat it up. I honestly love that job…even in the busy season.

Last night was our Christmas/Girls Night/Kayla’s going away/Kim’s housewarming party, and I loved every second of it. Those girls are friends, and I appreciate their hearts and the genuine love we all have for each other. Monica even came for a little while, and I was happy that all the girls I adore were in one place together. This week: MY birthday, life is in full swing right now too.

I just had the realization that I’ll have zero time this week to do ANYTHING until Saturday. That will also be the busiest day of the week for me, most stress filled, and (if possible) the one that I am dreading/looking forward to the most. ugh.

Time to get this day started.

I’ll try to keep the combo posts to a minimum:)

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