December Seventeenth.

First off, does anyone even read this blog anymore?

I know that Monica does (hi pretty!) sometimes, but does it even MATTER that I promised to write every single day of this month and I haven’t delivered? I mean, I feel guilty when I’m about to fall asleep and all of a sudden think “Damn! Didn’t write today. ugh.”

I don’t think anyone reads this anyway (mainly because I haven’t shared it with many people), so I’m going to stop feeling bad. I’M BUSY this year, and exhausted on top of it, so this “everyday” thing…not happening.

My space needle tattoo looks great, but hurts. I probably shouldn’t be wearing pants today, and I probably shouldn’t have worn tights to work last night, but it’s December and it’s cold. The placement of this tattoo probably wasn’t the best for the cold weather, but it’ll be AWESOME in the summer! Washington can’t get rid of me now, it’s official.

I’m tired.

Last year:
[18 Dec 2008 | Thursday]
december seventeenth.

I am happier today than I have been in WEEKS.

Mainly because of Candice, and our cosmic connection. She started working again tonight, and we laughed and talked the whole way through our shift. I desperately needed someone who knew me, knew my soul, and knew where my mind was going. She asked just the right questions that got my thoughts swirling, and that afforded me more clarity than I have had in a long time.

She is my soul mate:)

I need to do what’s best for ME. I can love and appreciate the advice of others, but it’s my thoughts that matter. I didn’t move clear across the country to fall back into my old patterns, I moved here for myself. And that’s who matters.

That being said, I am so excited about 2009. I am ready to move on from this year, to get going, to move and feel again.

Things are going to be different. And great.

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  1. Hi!

    And I am super sad when I don’t have a Cassie update to read, but no worries, I’m understanding and cool and supportive if you don’t. I’m rad! (You are too, by the way)

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