The Best of What’s Around.

DMB Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

There is no greater way to end a summer, and this year will be the greatest of all, because I’m doing TWO nights. Dave Matthews fans are the most amazing people I’ve ever met, so get ready Eastern Washington!! We’re coming for you!

Buybuybuy your tickets:)

(Side note: I’ve been reading all the entries from August on my old site, Incandescent, and WOW. I’m so glad I’m not in that place. What a difference six months has made.)


  1. I”m fascinated that you go back and read yours so often. I tried to read mine once, and was so mortified that I actually wrote those things that I never went back again. And my online journaling goes back almost ten years.

    But I keep it. I keep all my handwritten journals too. Because then I’m 80, I don’t think the mortification will be that bad, I’ll probably just die laughing at myself, with an old journal in my lap. :o)

    Anyway, my point was, the insights you find by going back fascinate me. And that you find insights instead of just being mortified, like me. ;o)

  2. Most of the time, it’s very encouraging to me. To read where I was at, to know that the emotions I was feeling were extremely real. A lot of things get lost in time, and I feel that if I don’t remind myself about certain events or periods of time, then I’m not still learning from them.

    ugh. That sounds so ridiculous.

    Personally, it’s just really important to remember and be able to say that I’ve grown.

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