Springtime weekends.

My girls are the greatest.

Friday night turned into an unexpected dance party at 1am, and we made so many videos, took so many pictures…and laughed so so much. I’ve missed them, working my new job, and it was awesome to know that they still love me:) HUGE hugs to Kim for my picture collage, she’s my sunshine:)

I wasn’t feeling too great on Saturday night, so instead of the Ballard adventures I had planned, I stayed in. Spaggetti Factory and TLC shows were exactly what I needed, and even though I’m not feeling one hundred percent better, I definitely needed the rest. I spent yesterday in Northgate, Greenlake, and Fremont….because really, adventuring is part of my soul, and I hate staying inside during my free days. I cannot WAIT to be a part of Folklife next weekend, I get to dance with the ribbon dancers this year:)

Last week, I found out that DMB isn’t touring next year. So I am that much more excited for this year at the Gorge, and happy to be getting people on board to come with us. It is always the best show of the year, with so much love and happiness floating around…it’s my time to shine. Again:) Dave has shown me how to breathe underwater, and for that, I will dance my heart out every single year.

It’s going to be a busy week (as always), but I’ll leave you with what Matt left in my inbox a few hours ago:

No big deal, really. I put my clothes on like that every morning:)

Happy Monday.

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  1. kimmy:) · · Reply

    hollllllllllly shieeeeet. he’s like an alien! how the hell??!! thats impossible!! im amazed.

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