Climbing the walls.

We leave for Portland tomorrow, my favorite little secret place, and I cannot wait to be out of here.

Work has become unbearable lately, and it’s sad. I appreciate the value of work, the things I can learn, all the ways in which I can push myself. It really bums me out that I left two jobs I loved, two jobs I was invested in, for this. This place that was supposed to be different, and in many ways it has been a blessing, but I don’t play the politics game. I don’t kiss ass. I am somewhere because I want to be there, I do a good job because I want to do a good job, I am kind and helpful because I am genuinely like that.

I don’t play the politics game.

So this week, I am climbing the walls. I need Portland so bad that I can taste it, and I can’t wait to go off the grid for a few days. I am restless.


  1. Mon Zni · · Reply

    We are the same that way. Boo on politics games. I don’t play either, and turns out teaching is boring enough to some people that they want to play politics during work. I simply don’t have the time and energy for that. I’m kinda surprised they DO.

  2. And what’s the point anyway? Being unkind to someone else or gossiping…for what? It’s shocking how jealous people can be, how rude, and how their unhappiness consumes them so much.

    I hope, when I’m in my late 30’s and over, that I haven’t become one of those snarky office ladies. Smack me if I do:)

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