Can I just say really quick that I love my boyfriend?

Because I do.

We share a lot of things, but we mostly share an understanding. I don’t want to change him, and he doesn’t want to change me. We’re equal, we’re best friends, and we just so happen to adore each other.

I think a lot of relationships come with their challenges, because you’re involving a whole human being into the equation of your life, and that gets tricky. When you know, you “know”, and not a lot stands in the way of knowing that one plus one equals ONE. Two whole beings rolled into one amazing relationship.

Logically, that equation doesn’t sound like it makes sense. Then the universe intervenes and anything becomes possible and beautiful.

This was a huge mushball entry, but I still made my point.

I love my boyfriend.

One comment

  1. You two are so cute. (You and Jeremy that is.) I am glad you can share happiness with someone who knows what it is like to put others first instead. You deserve it. :) See you soon?! :)

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