December Twentieth.

First, I would like to share that I cannot (cannot) get the “Tiny Tree” song out of my head. The song that plays in the Target commercial, with the girl and her pug, getting things from Target in order to throw a Christmas party…? Anyone?

Yeah, the very end of that song where the guy belts out “Tiny treeeeeeeee”, is completely stuck in my brain. And everytime I see the tree we got at the Market, I feel forced (for lack of a better word) to sing it aloud.

Moving on.

I saw Inception last night, and interestingly enough, it lived up to the hype. The layers upon layers, the idea surrounding it all, I can definitely say that I saw it and liked it. Unlike Shutter Island, because wtf? THAT movie was nonsense. I am excited to see True Grit in the coming weeks though, something straightforward and in your face is exactly what I need these days:)

It’s a four day work week for me, and I cannot WAIT until Christmas Eve. I need to get some last minute stocking stuffers because Jeremy was with me all weekend, and I can spend the rest of the day baking. Trader Joe’s had some amazing apple/cranberry pie filling, so let my pie making voyage begin! I also have the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s off from work, and I am beside myself with thoughts of all that free time. I want to sit with friends, have long conversations, hit up the gym, snuggle my cat, find a Happy Hour….all of it.

I cannot wait to fill the week up with happiness.

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