It’s interesting, anyway.

All my favorite bloggers (and people) share the same taste for this time year as I do. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s bitter, and sometimes it’s so damn hard to swallow. It’s not something that is constantly thought about, or brought into consciousness often, but more of a constant nagging feeling in the back of the brain.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that this time of year bums me out. I can barely admit it, and I struggle every year with admitting it, but that doesn’t change reality. I’m not depressed, just…bummed. Is that the right word?

This is my “getting through it” song:) At least for today.


  1. I’ve spent the last three days crying. Fuck the holidays. :o(

  2. That sums up how I feel during this time of year too… Just blah. :-/

    1. That’s why you (and Monica) are some of my favorite people:)

      But seriously, sorry about your blahs. Let’s plan Amel’s shower and forget about it:)

      1. My mom had this holiday problem too. She called it “The Comedown.” All the excitement is over, the anticipation is gone, family and friends have gone back home, the weather is usually dreary and we have many months of gloom to look forward to, with no truly festive holidays until what, the 4th of July?

        I try to fight it, but those 3-5 days after Christmas (and sometimes after New Years too) can be, well, a bummer.

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