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My suitcase heart.

“They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel.” That quote probably means much different than what I am reading it as, but I don’t care. From the second I saw it, I knew it belonged to me, and I have clung to those words in the past few […]

The heart of a lion.

“Stars hide your fires, These here are my desires And I won’t give them up to you this time around And so, I’ll be found with my stake stuck in this ground Marking the territory of this newly impassioned soul” I decided that I am going to travel. Sometimes, it’s enough to be a dreamer, […]

The big fat elephant in the room.

One of my good friends came over to my apartment the other night with a bottle of wine, and the intention to take advantage of my rooftop deck. I happily agreed to this trade, and we sat on my roof for awhile enjoying the company and the view. As we got to talking, I started […]

Your greatest creation is the the life you lead.

Yesterday marked eight years since I was baptized as a Seventh Day Adventist. Eight long and weird years since I stood in front of 300 people and told my story, and I feel it deserves some recognition. ‘Being SDA’ has never been something that identifies me, and even eight years later, I still don’t feel […]


I was first introduced to World of Warcraft in Tennessee. All my friends played constantly, and I found it to be a pretty huge annoyance. Friday night would roll around, and some of us would want to go get dinner, but the majority would be caught up in a raid or finishing a quest or […]

I always find myself here.

Well, Seattle is embracing the rain again, and I am embracing change. When I left RGC in Tacoma, it was in April of 2010. I started a new job with a new company that was going to give me what I needed to move forward professionally, but on the day I left RGC after two […]

Planting Seeds.

I don’t consider myself successful career wise. In so many ways, I still see myself as young and inexperienced, even though I know I am twenty seven and can do my job well. To some extent, I am proud that I have been able to land opportunities when I lack a degree, but I have […]