Because you/we need this.

I am not a comedy writer. My sense of humor usually isn’t the obvious kind, and if you didn’t know me well enough, you’d totally think I was a jackass. On the flip side, if you do know me really well, you might think I am a total honey badger crazypants. And probably not in the ‘endearing’ way.

It’s a pretty delicate dance.

Today, I want to link to some of the best comedy posts/things in general I have ever read/seen. They are very indicitive of my sense of humor, and if you don’t think they’re funny, well we are probably not good friends. And that’s okay, we can just be normal friends.

Embarassment of the day. And it’s only 9 o’clock.: I’m sure I have posted this before, and for good reason. Meg (literally) makes me laugh out loud, and it’s almost always early in the morning while I’m drinking coffee.

Double Dream Hands: Because this NEVER EVER gets old to me. Shoulder, chin, shoulder shoulder shoulder.

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.: I love Jenny Lawson. She is just plain awesome, this is the purest example why.

The YES Dance: A bit ridiculous, but if the fork in the garbage disposal doesn’t make you laugh, I can’t help you.

Reasons Why Teens Shouldn’t get Tattoos: Funny on so, so many different levels.

Best laughing baby ever: How can you have a bad day with this video readily available?

I have more random posts and videos up my sleeve, but these are the highlights for today. Still need a ‘pick me up’? Shoot me an email and we’ll work it out:)

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