Bathtub Gin.

It’s been a crazy week, full of business and emotion, and I am tired. It’s a good tired, the I-just-ran-an-awesome-marathon tired, but I am so ready for the weekend. I may or may not have some fun news to share on Monday, so that’s always good.

Seattle has been in the news lately, and it hasn’t been flattering. We aren’t a large city by any means, so the recent streak of gun violence is pretty unsettling. I work in the very core of downtown, Pioneer Square, next to the courthouse/jail and across from a bum park. I am pretty fearless when it comes to walking alone in this city, because in my heart, I am a total city girl and I love the energy. The news of all these shootings doesn’t scare me, but it does make me unhappy. Seattle is such an awesome place, and so many people just don’t know that.

So I am starting a series of posts that emphasize cool things and fun places to go. These are completely in my taste, and may or may not be in your own, but if you’re ever around I would be happy to show you the hidden gems of the Emerald City. Ha, see what I did there?

Round One: Bathtub Gin

Located between First & Second Ave, in an alley that runs along Blanchard, this is one of my favorite little gems. I have been here a few times, with different people, and it’s always a fun experience. It’s small and awkward, because it was once the buildings boiler room, but if you can get past that then you’re in for a sweet treat. The main thing I had to get over was the prices of drinks, because I am in no way the kind of girl who spends ten dollars for a fancy glass of anything. Once I took the plunge and ordered something, I understood why the drinks were so expensive, and would even go as far to say they aren’t charging enough for that awesomeness.

This is from my date night with Kim, and her drink was ‘Float Like a Butterfly’, while mine was ‘Sting Like a Bee’. It was pretty telling of both of our personalities, and gave into this weird craving I’d been having for honey. Just one of either of these will get a nice buzz going, and two can get you good and sauced. I wasn’t interested in the latter of those two, so one was quite enough for me. The bar itself is teeny tiny, and I wouldn’t recommend going there if you’re in the mood to watch a game or dance to loud music. You actually have to be ready to talk to whomever you’re with, which is one of my favorite things about it, because it’s small and extremely intimate. Kind of like a library, where the librarians want you to read (drink) their newest favorite, and then encourage you to discuss it quietly with your friends. Also, forget trying to get a decent picture in there (even though the decor is fantastically awesome and you’ll want to), because it’s dimly lit and provides a complete ‘air of mystery’ to the people around you.

I obviously did not take these photos, but they provide a small glimpse of what you might expect. Factor in 75% less light, and you have a pretty accurate idea of what you’re in for.

In terms of food, they don’t offer any, but since this is in Belltown there are no shortage of places to take care of this. You don’t go here to eat anyway, you go for sparkling conversation, strong drinks, and the awesome feeling that you’re part of something magical.

Unless you already know, I am never telling you where the door is. Take me, and I’ll show you:)

Happy Friday!

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  1. :) i love this place. took my sister here a few months after we went and she loved it too. like a hidden harry potter-type bar.

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