knives out.

I really wish people would stop trying to access my ‘I just want to feel human again’ post. It’s protected for a damn reason, and also, I can see you doing it. If you want to know, just ask (though you won’t get very far), and stop being an internet creep.

In other news, I woke up this morning with severe anxiety. Apparently, that has not gone away over time, and it might be time to do something about it. I am extremely busy this month, and my next free weekend is so far away that I can’t really see it. August is a great month and all, but I am ready for September again. I don’t own many summer clothes.

This weekend: Seahawks Preseason game against the Titans. Bring on the football:)


  1. dont post something and then get pissed when people try and see it. thats like posting something on facebook and expecting people not to comment.

    1. “At this point, I don’t feel like I need to explain myself. This blog isn’t Facebook, and though I am aware that this is the internet, I kind of feel like this is my own private corner. You’re reading this because I have allowed you to read this, or because you’re a friend or fellow blogger, no other reason. And I swear to all that is good in this world, that if I get one more person reading something I have written on here and giving me shit for it, I will tell you exactly where you can go with your “opinions” and other bullshit.”

      THIS BLOG ISN’T FACEBOOK. I don’t link to it on Facebook, I don’t share it on Facebook, and I would really appreciate you keeping your bad attitude to yourself. This post didn’t show up in ‘timeline’ on your newsfeed and force you to read it, you came here deliberately, so take your rudeness down a notch.

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