Discovery Park.

It has taken me awhile, but I am finally getting around to Round Three of my Seattle Series posts, and I am pretty excited about this one.

I have visted Discovery Park in Magnolia on multiple occasions, and it’s pretty amazing to have such a gorgeous park in the middle of the city. My favorite mini hike is the Loop Trail, turning off onto the South Beach trail. For this, you should park in the south parking lot, and just follow the trail at your own pace. It’s really level until you start to descend onto the South Beach trail, but with so many gorgeous spots to stop, if you can’t make it all the way down it’s okay. I usually do this hike in the morning, when less people are out and about, and it only takes me an hour and half roundtrip (counting a sit down on the beach below).

My favorite thing about this hike is that it is beautiful. Even if you’re not the spiritual type, it would be hard to leave not feeling a connection to the earth.

Once at the beach, I like to sit on a log and watch people, and if I am lucky enough to get down there when the tide is out then I poke around in the sand. If you get down there and head east (or right), there is a lighthouse down at the end. I’ve only been down that way once, and you can’t go inside, so it’s kind of boring to me. You might love it though!

The hike back up is a little tough, so I would suggest not to go all the way down if you’re not prepared to come back up. Go at your own pace, and stop to enjoy the view.

If you decide to go, let me know so I can tag along:)


  1. You should take Mom and I to this hike when we come to town. We’re always up/down for a good bike. It looks spectacular.

  2. one of my favorite parks! I used to freak out when the owls would swoop down on you at night!

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