Great Round Burn.

“Most people have expended so much effort and time in the denial of their predatory nature that they cannot easily recognize it in others.”

I finally got to see Kaki King last night, and it was one of those nights where I walked into my apartment at midnight with a smile. I remember sitting in Tennessee in 2004, spending late nights downtown at Heather Lynn’s, completely wrapped up in Legs To Make Us Longer. I have referenced ‘Doing The Wrong Thing’ so much over the years, and hearing it played live last night…nothing compares.

This was me in 2009:

Tonight I am:

Kaki King, smelling of rain, grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches, patchouli forest, fleece blankets, the sound of the highway outside my balcony, cat kisses, and loooong guitar solos.

It feels so nice to be me right now.

The end.

And again in 2010:

Another day, another week.

I don’t have a lot to offer this blog at the moment, but I do have a beautiful sound or two:)

Kaki King.

Reminds me of some really amazing days, barefoot, on the porch, smoking cigarettes, red wine, pixie hair, best girlfriends, and triple short three pump caramel nonfat lattes. 2004, when nothing made sense, but everything made for a great story:)

Her music helped me grow in some really amazing ways, and last night was…worth it.

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