a real entry is coming soon.

It’s a short week, a glorious Holiday week, and I can’t really believe that this time of year is here…again. I have a day and a half left of work this week, and only four days next week, since Becca’s wedding is next Saturday. Where has this year gone? Where did Time run off to?

Our trip to Leavenworth was pretty great. I kept hearing the “Welcome to Duloc” song from Shrek in my head, but it made that tiny town seem even more magical.

The rest of 2012 is going to fly by.

The trip I have been planning is so exciting that I can’t wait to share my final destination. Right now, I am holding it close out of fear that it will disappear somewhere, and right now, I am just grateful I have a future where this is possible.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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