December 3rd.

A few years ago, I started my “post every day in December” project, and I didn’t do very well last year. Hell, I don’t even remember if I tried last year. I am going to try again this year, but it is already December 3rd, and I am already behind.

My sister got married on Saturday (more on that later in the week), and I spent the entire time making sure it was perfect for her. I think the DJ and I bonded in the midst of the chaos, and for the most part, I definitely succeeded in “making it happen”. I am pretty proud of how everyone pulled together.

My birthday is in one week. I am excited, because I love birthdays, and hopefully twenty eight will be a fun age. We’ll see.

This showed up on PostSecret yesterday morning:


I am so thankful for this. And even more thankful that a good friend on mine found it too, and we’re both kind of…sitting on it.

More tomorrow.


  1. Bearclaws · · Reply

    Doesn’t it seem odd that they wrote the fact that they wrote this postcard 2 years ago?

    Have a good 28 :)

    1. “Because if we keep going there are always more tunnels, more challenges, darker darks..” I mean, that’s beautiful right?

      Have a good 30:) (whoa, when did we get so old?)

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