December 10th: The sun must set to rise.

Twenty five was a good year for me, I learned a lot, I lost a lot, but I also gained a lot of important things. I was really reflective and forgiving that year, trying to overcome being twenty four and find my own footing again.

The next two years just kind of, happened. I wouldn’t say I have done anything miraculous, but I have done a lot of what I’ve wanted to do. Perhaps I have been more selfish, but I see that as an accomplishment more than anything, because I am far too ‘indulgent’ with people sometimes.

Today I am twenty eight, and it feels really nice. Unlike a lot of people, I feel like a birthday is really something to celebrate. I am terrible at remembering them, but if you invite me to your birthday party, I am so there! When it comes down to it, celebrating the existence of a good friend is a really sweet thing to do.

I have been really lucky today, with flower deliveries, an Edible Arrangements ‘bouquet’ from my sister, and a Henry VIII action figure sent to my office. I have the greatest friends and family and feel really happy to be one year older.

In the past, I have started lists of “25 Things While 25” or lists fitting whatever age I am. This year, I know that I will never be able to think of 28 things to do while I am 28, but I can try to make it happen as the year goes on.

I will start with two things today:

1. Be Kinder to Myself.
2. Book a solo trip.

Back to work:)

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