“Tell me what you know.”

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, but determined to be at work. I stayed home yesterday trying to “get better”, but all yesterday did was piss me off. You’re going to roll your eyes when I say this, but I hate staying home. Nobody likes to be sick, but most people are fine to lay on the couch, drinking orange juice and watching movies. I spent yesterday reading, and going crazy, because even though I felt like my head might explode if I moved one inch in either direction…I hate staying home. Another eye roll? I actually like being at work. I like my job and I like working.

Boom. Mind blown, right?

I am looking at plane tickets today, and I just might suck it up and pull the trigger on one. It’s weird feeling, going from talking to actually doing, but ‘making things happen’ has always been where I shine. I have no idea what this adventure will hold, but I might as well find out right? I just want to be somewhere different, feeling a different energy, speaking a different language. I have to make that happen for myself.

Everything’s not lost.

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