Five weeks.

So, remember yesterday when I wrote a post about being discouraged and bummed? Because it was all true, one hundred and ten percent true.

Then today happened and I feel…high. Much like the feeling I had last night when I left the gym, got back to my apartment and sat in front of the fan. There is nothing better than the feeling of a successful workout. Which is exactly how I feel right now, because this afternoon, I purchased my ticket to Paris.

I figured out that I could buy a roundtrip ticket to Dublin, and then a roundtrip from Dublin to Paris, for a lot less than a ticket from Seattle to Paris. I get to spend one night in Dublin seeing friends I made from the last time I was there, and I just feel…giddy. The overwhelming/terrified feeling has passed, and even the anxiety ridden thought of spending money has passed. I get to be somewhere different for a week, and that thought alone is the most overwhelming happiness.

I feel high. I don’t know why anyone does drugs.

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