Gold teeth, and a curse for this town.

I was feeling inspired tonight, which is usually something that happens as I am trying to fall asleep. Instead of powering down, my brain usually powers up, pouring out all the thoughts I have kept at bay all day long.

Maybe this will help, but I doubt it.

Fifteen minutes ago, I came across this, which reminded me of that giant list I made almost four years ago. Her list is so much more grown up than mine is/was, and several of them really resonated with me this evening.

1. Be grateful for that moment when you decided to stop being such a sarcastic asshole and let your guard down long enough to fall in love and let someone fall in love with you. Even if it ends in heartbreak, it is still one of the greatest adventures you have been on.

I really am a sarcastic asshole, and cannot let my guard down for very long with anyone. In this strange world, finding someone to share it with is so important, and maybe I shouldn’t be an asshole.

2. Make time for everyone in your life. You have a lot of people in your life who you love and who love you, be grateful. Don’t ever become one of those people who just gets too “busy.” Make time for the walk in the park, the cup of coffee, the glass of wine, the phone conversation. Make time.

I am becoming more of an introvert as the years go on, and I really need to make more time for people. I am so protective of myself and my free time, which isn’t a bad thing, but I could ease up on the intensity a bit.

3. Stop comparing yourself to your peers. You do you. You’re good at that.

Hardest thing to remember, even at my age, but I know I am good at being me. I might not be the smartest or funniest girl, but I know what I bring to the table, and it isn’t terrible. I just need to remember that more often.

4. Keep writing. Know that some of the things you write will be really bad. Write anyway. Write because it makes you happy. Write because it’s important to have hobbies. Write because sometimes, on very rare occasions, the things you write will be more powerful than you would have ever thought possible.

This. This just makes me so happy. I have always turned to writing, and it makes me happy to read these words.

5. Believe in something bigger than you. Something that you will never understand. Whether it’s God or the Universe just believe in something because when everything else fails, which is bound to happen, all you’ll have left is your faith that things will get better.

The hippie inside of me is thrilled that someone else understand this too.

6. Always spend time in nature. Work in the garden and get dirt in your nails. Look up at the redwoods and know that you will never see the top. Stand at the edge of the ocean and wonder what’s beyond the horizon. Take it all in.

I need to do this more. I miss my solo weekend morning hikes, I miss the smell of the trees, the dirt, the wind in the leaves. I love city life, but I deeply miss nature and need to make more time. There is always more time.

Nighttime inspiration has made me calm for the first time all day. Well done.


  1. Yes, keep writing…because today, your words connected with me, in just the way i needed connection… Have a wonderful weekend…and why stop there… have wonderful. It’s out there for us to make and take.

  2. Mon Zni · · Reply

    “I am becoming more of an introvert as the years go on . . .” I’m SO glad I’m not the only one. And actually, I was already an introvert, but I’m becoming a goddamn HERMIT now. And yet, I’m happy.

    Ah, I hear you, Cassie. We have so much in common. Thanks for still writing. I can’t seem to lately (probably because of the hermitism and no one really wants a daily update on my tomatoes and how I cleaned out that attic closet).

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